• Episode 6: Ontology - Modular, Open-Source Platform for Trust Rebalancing

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    This episode is the second part of our two-part review of Ontology (this is a link to the first part).

    It’s important to indicate that there’s no particular listening order associated with these two episodes. Therefore, having listened to one of them is not a prerequisite to jumping into the other one and vice versa.


    Ontology is a decentralized platform, which was founded by Li Jun, who is also the co-founder of OnChain.

    The platform comes with a set of protocols and modules - which are its building blocks. Combining those blocks enables designing and building decentralized bridges between the real world and its digital counterpart. Moreover, the individual components are in no way...

  • Episode 5: Ontology - Overview and Use Cases

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    This episode is the first part of a two-part review of the Ontology platform which was founded by Jun Li, who is also a co-founder of OnChain.

    In this episode, we present an overview of the Ontology platform.

    The listeners will get to learn what the unique characteristics of the project are and why its potential impact could literally affect our society, in its entirety, and change it for the better.


    Our discussion touches upon a number of topics such as, but not limited to:

    • our 60-second pitch of Ontology;
    • overview of Ontology as a next-generation “operating system”, which could run on top of our society;
    • whether the Ontology ecosystem have the potential to...
    • Episode 4: Setting up a ZenCash Secure Node

      ZenCash logo

      In this tutorial-style episode, we’re going to go over the various steps that are required for setting up a ZenCash secure node. The discussion will be limited to a very high level, with the purpose of giving you a rough idea of the magnitude of the associated workload.


      In a couple of sentences, ZenCash secure nodes enable reward entitlement for operators. Said nodes solve challenges, associated with computational validation of shielded transactions within the ZenCash blockchain. And this happens via a form of staking.

      Minimum requirements

      • 42 ZEN for staking.
      • An extra 0.5-0.8 ZEN for transaction costs and secure node “gas”.
      • Domain-name ownership.
      • Static IP (either IPv4 or IPv6 will work).
      • 4 GB RAM.
      • 15...
      • Episode 3: Scams 101

        Phishing scam cartoon

        In this episode, intended to be a part of mini-series, we’re going to be reviewing some of the most common crypto-related scams, such as phishing, pumps-and-dumps and exit scams.


        Scams and confidence tricks rely almost entirely on limitations and “blindspots” in human cognition and psychology, and those are exploited by malicious individuals or groups. That’s why I’ve decided to spend a significant portion of this episode on discussion these key aspects, because introspection, I believe, can be one of the most effective tools to equip oneself with, nowadays.

        All security-related scenarios and contexts and characterized by asymmetry, where the attacking side usually needs to find just one single hole in the system in order to declare...

      • Episode 1: Introduction

        Crypto Jerônimo avatar

        This is an introductory episode where the listeners will get a chance to learn about the host, his background and why he’s decided to finally start a new podcast.


        Want to learn more about your favorite host, Crypto Jerônimo? About his vision of the blockchain future? His favorite recommended resources for beginners?

        Well, look no further! This episode answers all of this and quite a bit more. Sit back, relax and enjoy! :)

        Why Xora?

        … and not a “traditional” co-host? you ask. Well, I’ll tell you why.

        Do you find this YouTube video surreal and Orwellian? I do. But not only that. I also...

      • Episode 2: Numerai

        Numeraire (NMR) logo

        This is an episode on the super cool Machine-Learning-powered hedge fund, Numerai.


        Numerai is a global equity long-short hedge fund, which specializes in relatively long time-range investments, on the scale of 6-9 months. They’re interested in more finely granular moves, that are at the level of individual stocks; they aim to identify anomalously-priced stocks, and thus exploit price discrepancies. One might argue that their essential task is to restore market efficiency.

        Collaboration in finance is largely uncommon and impractical due to the competitive edge that is characteristic to the kind of predictive modeling that is associated with the area. Numerai addresses this via running rounds of successive Machine Learning competitions for the purpose of crowdsourcing predictions,...