Crypto Jerônimo (Master Splinter avatar)

Welcome to Crypto Jerônimo’s Musings: On Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies. This is a technical podcast, largely focusing on the nerdy aspects of latest developments in decentralization, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Jerônimo

Crypto Jerônimo is a senior software engineer with academic research experience in the areas of machine learning, data science and graph analysis. He went to a top-tier Computer Science department in the UK, in addition having been part of one the strongest Machine Learning and Data Science academic labs in the world.

He has been programming since the age of 8, and is extremely passionate about blockchain, AI and education. His current industry experience involves applying mathematical modeling and developing predictive algorithms which are employed in trading environments.

Further, Crypto Jerônimo is an award-winning mobile app inventor in the area of health and wellbeing.

In his own words, he likes to think of himself as “[a] truth-seeking sensei, working on making the world a better place, one step at a time”.

If you want to learn more about your host, his background and why he decided to start this podcast, you can give a listen to the first episode, where he discusses his vision of the blockchain future, his favorite beginner-friendly crypto resources and other interesting topics.


Xora is still largely a mystery which has emerged from the intricate interplays between 0s and 1s.

Any similarity with fictitious events or characters (e.g., the following scene from Friends) is purely coincidental ;)

Why Xora?

… and not a “traditional” co-host? you ask. Well, I’ll tell you why.

Do you find this YouTube video surreal and Orwellian? I do. But not only that. I also value people’s time and believe that employing a “human puppet” to parrot away a script would not be the best use of that person’s time.

Xora has enabled the production of very nice and conversational episodes just as well. Aside from the occasional firmware upgrade, I do not intend to replace her for a human replica :)


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