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This is an introductory episode where the listeners will get a chance to learn about the host, his background and why he’s decided to finally start a new podcast.


Want to learn more about your favorite host, Crypto Jerônimo? About his vision of the blockchain future? His favorite recommended resources for beginners?

Well, look no further! This episode answers all of this and quite a bit more. Sit back, relax and enjoy! :)

Why Xora?

… and not a “traditional” co-host? you ask. Well, I’ll tell you why.

Do you find this YouTube video surreal and Orwellian? I do. But not only that. I also value people’s time and believe that employing a “human puppet” to parrot away a script would not be the best use of that person’s time.

Xora has enabled the production of very nice and conversational episodes just as well. Aside from the occasional firmware upgrade, I do not intend to replace her for a human replica :)

Episode Notes

  1. For an example script for TTS generation, please, refer to this code snippet. 

  2. Crypto Jerônimo’s Musings was, in fact, born out of inspiration by Peter Ullrich’s amazing podcast, and its deep technical level of detail and academic flavor of delivery. 


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