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In this tutorial-style episode, we’re going to go over the various steps that are required for setting up a ZenCash secure node. The discussion will be limited to a very high level, with the purpose of giving you a rough idea of the magnitude of the associated workload.


In a couple of sentences, ZenCash secure nodes enable reward entitlement for operators. Said nodes solve challenges, associated with computational validation of shielded transactions within the ZenCash blockchain. And this happens via a form of staking.

Minimum requirements

  • 42 ZEN for staking.
  • An extra 0.5-0.8 ZEN for transaction costs and secure node “gas”.
  • Domain-name ownership.
  • Static IP (either IPv4 or IPv6 will work).
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 15 GB SSD hard-drive space.
  • 64-bit processor.
  • A clean install of a 64-bit Linux-based OS on the secure node server.
  • Challenge solution within the time limit of 5 minutes.

Relevant entities

  • “Local” ZenCash wallet for staking.
  • “Remote” server for secure node hosting.
  • Dedicated domain name, as a point of access.
  • External to your secure node, challenge allotting “overlord”.
  • The set of all remaining secure nodes.

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