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This episode is the first part of a two-part review of the Ontology platform which was founded by Jun Li, who is also a co-founder of OnChain.

In this episode, we present an overview of the Ontology platform.

The listeners will get to learn what the unique characteristics of the project are and why its potential impact could literally affect our society, in its entirety, and change it for the better.


Our discussion touches upon a number of topics such as, but not limited to:

  • our 60-second pitch of Ontology;
  • overview of Ontology as a next-generation “operating system”, which could run on top of our society;
  • whether the Ontology ecosystem have the potential to prevent future large-scale abuses of user data, such as that of Cambridge Analytica;
  • the feasibiltiy of implementing a holistic, decentralized world wide web using Ontology’s various frameworks and protocols.


As usual, we look forward to your comments, ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism!

Enjoy! :)

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